What no podcast?

It appears I have failed to sort out the podcast for last Seasonally Effected, mainly due to a considerable amount of failure to find the time…most of it recorded, so hopefully it will besotted at some point over then next few months…

Next week we have an experimental collaboration with the folks from Rochester Film Society, who are screening ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’ this Monday at the Nucleus Arts Centre in Rochester.  On Wednesday, I am hoping that some of the regular Seasonally Effected contributors will respond to the film in some watt I have not yet imagined.  I am working on a little something that I will be telling, also of a somewhat Christmassy nature (possibly…) Don’t worry if you don’t have anything film related, as usual we are open to anything on or off topic. If you would like to read, sing, show or otherwise perform at the event, email me at: seasonallyeffected@gmail.com Join us on Wednesday and find out how it goes.

Anyway, I’d better get back to penning this piece of Santa Devilry or I’ll have nothing to read…



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