Autumn Seasonally

I’m working on booking the next three Seasonally Effected events and would be interested in hearing from people who would like to book 10-15 minute spots to perform music, poetry, comedy, theatre or other types of creative performance. Each event has 6 bookable spots and one longer headline spot, put together in collaboration with another artist. Headline spots are paid from audience contrabutions.

If you would like to book a spot at one of the events or have an idea for a collaborative headline spot (30-40 minutes) please let me know by emailing:

Each event is themed by the day, week or month that it falls, I have noted a few notable things below that might help, guide or otherwise inspire along with dates for the events and Facebook event pages below:

28th September – The birthdays of Confucsious and Brigitte Bardot

26th October – in 1863 the Football Assocation is formed in London

30th November  – St Andrews Day and King Cnut claims the English throne

4 thoughts on “Autumn Seasonally

  1. Hi Roy,

    If all goes well on the 28th September you can definitely consider me for future events.

    Hear from you soon


    Sent from my iPhone


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