Seasonally Effected at the Edith May 27th August

IMG_9299August 27th Seasonally Effected will be holding a special event onboard the Edith May Barge, which will be moored at Sun Pier in Chatham.  There will be the usual mix of poetry, music, comedy and performance with a vaguely nautical theme.  I will be asking for a £3 donation for this event on the door, as I am trying to raise a bit of money to support and develop Seasonally Effected.  One idea is to create a small pot of money that can be used to cover travel for visiting performers.  Join the event on Facebook

Please come along and enjoy the event.  If you are interested in performing, please email me on:

Seasonally Sessions – Sam Fentiman-Hall – 2nd April 2014

As promised here is the first Seasonally Effected Sessions, featuring Sam Fentiman Hall.

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For those of you who missed it, I have decided to stop live podcasting the Seasonally Effected events, in favour of putting together podcasts with people who have performed at the show, mixing discussion and a few performances.  I don’t know how many I am going to do, but I’m planning on releasing roughly one a month or more depending on how things go.  Message me if you would like to be on one of the podcasts.
In this pod cast Sam reads from ‘City without a head’ as well as a short play that she is developing.  Here are links to some of the things she mentions:
Rochester Literature Festival –
Hope you enjoy listening, and look forward to seeing you at the next Seasonally Effected on the 30th April at Cafe @172 (was Dot Cafe) Rochester.  Email: to book a 10 minute spot.

January 2014

Better late than never, here is the Seasonally Effected January Podcast, including performance from:

Barry Fentiman-Hall, Peter Emmet, Maria McCarthy, Bob Carling, Gordon Bryan, Sam Fentiman-Hall, Roy Smith and Padded Cell Poetry (Deke Dobson and Dylan Oscar Rowe) The evening also included films from James Crow and Chris Page and music from Gavin Alexander.

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Photography by Bill Gooch of Man in the Attic Photography

The February episode is coming, at some point and the next event is on the 26th March at the Dot Cafe. Anyone who would like to book a spot, should email me at:

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is enjoying 2014.  I’ve set a couple of dates for the next Seasonally Effected events: 29th January and 19th February, both will be 7-9pm at the Dot Cafe, High Street, Rochester.

In the spirit of the New Year and all that, why not try something completely different?   Perhaps poets do a painting, singer-song writers could perform some stand up, film makers experiment with flower arranging or storytellers sing us a song.

I’d also be really interested to hear from anyone with ideas for making the event even more fun and interactive than it already is.

Look forward to seeing to all soon, remember to book a 10 minute spot at:


Happy Christmas – two podcasts for the price of one! (free)


As a special Christmas present (and nothing at all to me not getting round to doing them earlier) here is a bumper edition of the Seasonally Effected Podcast with bits and pieces from both the November and December events.

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The podcasts feature, in no particular order:  Barry Fentiman, Clare Meyrick, Sarah Jenkin, Phil Kane, Deke Dobson, Dylan Oscar Rowe, Nigel Adams, Chris Page, Louise Micklewright, Bill Lewis, Sally Apokis, Simon Ellis, Malek Montag, Roy Smith and a play be Maggie Drury.   Photography by Nikki Price

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.  Seasonally Effected will be back at the end of January.  Date to follow.


What no podcast?

It appears I have failed to sort out the podcast for last Seasonally Effected, mainly due to a considerable amount of failure to find the time…most of it recorded, so hopefully it will besotted at some point over then next few months…

Next week we have an experimental collaboration with the folks from Rochester Film Society, who are screening ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’ this Monday at the Nucleus Arts Centre in Rochester.  On Wednesday, I am hoping that some of the regular Seasonally Effected contributors will respond to the film in some watt I have not yet imagined.  I am working on a little something that I will be telling, also of a somewhat Christmassy nature (possibly…) Don’t worry if you don’t have anything film related, as usual we are open to anything on or off topic. If you would like to read, sing, show or otherwise perform at the event, email me at: Join us on Wednesday and find out how it goes.

Anyway, I’d better get back to penning this piece of Santa Devilry or I’ll have nothing to read…




This is the eighth Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 25th September 2013. This podcast features: Roy Smith, Malek Montag, Phil Kane, Tracey Affleck, Dylan Oscar Rowe, Thomas Kelly, Matt Wils, Didi Bergman, Deke Dobson, Clair Meyrick and Luna Lacuna.

Please note the next two events will be moving to the first Wednesday of the month rather than the last, due to me not being around.

The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 6th November 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe.

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

28th August



This is the seventh Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 28th August 2013. This podcast features: Dylan Oscar Rowe, Roy Smith, Maria McCarthy, Matt Wils, Deke Dobson, Chris Page, Henry Powell and Nigel Adams.   The event also included a reading from ‘City without a head from Barry Fentiman, a short film by Mdhamiri Nkemi of Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society, interpretive dance from Sophie Wophie, music from The Flowing and a lot of technical difficulties for Roy Smith.


The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 25th September 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe.


If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

This is an email link: <a href=””></a>


31st July

Download here

This is the sixth Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 31st July 2013. The podcast features: Deke Dobson, Malek Montag, Natasha Steer, Barry Fentiman, Clair Meyrick, Stuart Turner and Nick Rice. The event also included a presentation from Chris Page about his book ‘The Willows Daughter The River’s Son’, a short film by Mdhamiri Nkemi ‘We are Nature’ and performance pieces from Cancerous Farts and Henry Powell.

The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 28th August 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe – more detail available at:

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

The next event is on the 28th August at Dot Cafe from 7-9pm


26th June

Download the podcast here –

This month’s Seasonally Effected included writing from Barry Fentiman and Sam Hall, poetry from Roy Smith and Dylan Oscar Rowe, photography from Nicola Price and music from Gavin Alexander and Abigail Zeiring. There was also a performance of Big Mad Head by Nigel Adams, which has been rendered unrecordable by demonic forces and several examples of Dada (cut up) script writing bingo written and performed by the audience.

Nikki Price’s exhibition Freedom of the Nude will be at 27 Ridley Road, Rochester on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st July 12-5pm – more information can be found at:!prettyPhoto and on her website:

The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 31st July 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe The Facebook event page is:

Seasonally Effected will also be running a 1 hour slot the July Rochester Lit Fest Garden Party on the 14th July, which will be at the Good Intent in Rochester. We also hope to be screening short films inside the pub. (this could include previously performed work)

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

Like us on Facebook at

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