BBC Music Day 2016

Here are some clips from #BBCMusicDay / Homespun warm up gig on Friday 1st June 2016. Featuring Rachel Lowrie, Wheels, Davey Malone Duo and Rastko.

Photographs were taken by Nikki Price.

January 2014

Better late than never, here is the Seasonally Effected January Podcast, including performance from:

Barry Fentiman-Hall, Peter Emmet, Maria McCarthy, Bob Carling, Gordon Bryan, Sam Fentiman-Hall, Roy Smith and Padded Cell Poetry (Deke Dobson and Dylan Oscar Rowe) The evening also included films from James Crow and Chris Page and music from Gavin Alexander.

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Photography by Bill Gooch of Man in the Attic Photography

The February episode is coming, at some point and the next event is on the 26th March at the Dot Cafe. Anyone who would like to book a spot, should email me at:

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is enjoying 2014.  I’ve set a couple of dates for the next Seasonally Effected events: 29th January and 19th February, both will be 7-9pm at the Dot Cafe, High Street, Rochester.

In the spirit of the New Year and all that, why not try something completely different?   Perhaps poets do a painting, singer-song writers could perform some stand up, film makers experiment with flower arranging or storytellers sing us a song.

I’d also be really interested to hear from anyone with ideas for making the event even more fun and interactive than it already is.

Look forward to seeing to all soon, remember to book a 10 minute spot at:


Happy Christmas – two podcasts for the price of one! (free)


As a special Christmas present (and nothing at all to me not getting round to doing them earlier) here is a bumper edition of the Seasonally Effected Podcast with bits and pieces from both the November and December events.

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The podcasts feature, in no particular order:  Barry Fentiman, Clare Meyrick, Sarah Jenkin, Phil Kane, Deke Dobson, Dylan Oscar Rowe, Nigel Adams, Chris Page, Louise Micklewright, Bill Lewis, Sally Apokis, Simon Ellis, Malek Montag, Roy Smith and a play be Maggie Drury.   Photography by Nikki Price

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.  Seasonally Effected will be back at the end of January.  Date to follow.


31st July

Download here

This is the sixth Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 31st July 2013. The podcast features: Deke Dobson, Malek Montag, Natasha Steer, Barry Fentiman, Clair Meyrick, Stuart Turner and Nick Rice. The event also included a presentation from Chris Page about his book ‘The Willows Daughter The River’s Son’, a short film by Mdhamiri Nkemi ‘We are Nature’ and performance pieces from Cancerous Farts and Henry Powell.

The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 28th August 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe – more detail available at:

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

The next event is on the 28th August at Dot Cafe from 7-9pm


Seasonally Effected 1st Podcast

Seasonally Effected One Download here

This is the first Seasonally Effected Podcast, recorded on the 27th February at the Dot Cafe in Rochester.  Sadly, the sound quality isn’t great on this one, and for this reason I have decided to remove music performances (I had turned the sound desk up to high, so It sounded ok at the event, but the recordings were too distorted.)  Anyway, hopefully will get it right for next time.

This podcast includes performances from: Sean AKA Mayhem of the MLT, Barry Fentiman, Nigel Adams, Phil Kane, Roy Smith and Mark Quinn – the music performances were by by Stuart Turner and Nick Rice , Porlie Eidolon and 3D (Thomas Kelly and Dean Clarke.)  There was also a short film called ‘Upwards’ from Mdhamiri A Nkemi which is available here:

As commented at the time, the line up could benefit from a touch more estrogen  –  which will hopefully be addressed at the next event on 27th March.  If you would like to book a 10 minute spot, email me on: – for more information visit: