Seasonally Effected Presents: The Travelling Talesman – The Season of Revenge

There will be no Seasonally Effected in October. Instead we are proud to present an evening of storytelling with The Travelling Talesman who will be telling tales of The Season of Revenge at the Dot Cafe.

Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased from:


It’s sweet, best served cold and sometimes comes from beyond the grave. Learn how to get your own back in style with a selection of backstabbing folk tales selected from around the world by The Travelling Talesman.

Considering the simplicity of the equation “an eye for an eye”, those who indulge in vengeance have found a surprisingly varied number of ways to deliver it. From the basic table turning of an abused wife through the posthumous brutality of an enlightened courtesan and the terrifying haunting of Herne The Hunter, to the complexities of a reprisal engineered by a quail on an elephant using a frog and a fly.

He enjoys drawing from a variety of cultures for his tales, chasing down unusual variations on folk tales and researching, learning or creating new adventures! His energetic and engaging performance is certain to entertain and inspire you, leaving you with new tales to share and having learnt new things about myths and legends you thought you already knew!

The Travelling Talesman has toured the country from Penzance to York, for feasts, festivals and fun since the early nineties with tales of Norse Gods, Celtic mysteries, clever girls and dragon Slayers, medieval mayhem, giants, goblins and halloween horrors.