The April Conspiracies

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the ‘themed’ bit of Seasonally Effected. The theme has never been particularly strict, but can be a good jumping off point for anyone who wants one. Over the last year I haven’t mentioned it much, so I’ve decided to do a bit of research on something loosely inspired by date for each event and post it here in case anyone fancies using it. The general theme has always been the time of year or anything inspired by the date the event is happening. This could mean taking direct inspiration from a historic event or simply showcasing recently created work.

This month’s lazy, wikipedia based research led me to discover that April 29th is the 63rd birthday of well-respected conspiracy theorist, ex-goalie and Green Party activist David Icke. So as a birthday nod, it would seem only polite to delve into the murky world of the unknown, uncovering a few of the treacherous machinations of our secret overlords and generally getting lost in some of the internet’s finest rabbit holes.

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Has Bigfoot been caught stealing from your local Tesco or have you heard the CIA have plans to open up a Medway City Estate branch of Area 51? Are the lizardmen of the New World Order secretly controlling the weather with chemtrails, in their never ending battle to grow the largest marrows for the county fair? There seems to be some pretty good evidence to support Elvis’s retirement to the Norfolk Broads, but can we ever be sure? Who knows, perhaps the Dot Cafe was built on top of mystical lay lines, if you close your eyes long enough you can feel the vibrations, but that could just be Sandy cleaning out the coffee machine.

Join us on the 29th April from 7pm and share a few of your conspiracies. That is unless THEY find our first!