New Season / New Format

After a brief sojourn Seasonally Effected is back with three eclectic events of music, story, film, comedy, poetry and whatever else might happen. This April, May and June will see a new format Seasonally, with each event featuring a headline act and a broader mix of performances than ever before. To make this work, we will be asking our wonderful audience for voluntary donations at each event that will be used to pay that month’s headline act. Think of it as organised busking.

The next three headliners will be:

April 27th – Acoustic Broken Banjo

May 25th – A Phil Kane and Gavin Alexander Collaboration

June 29th – A Rachel Lowrie and Stuart Turner Collaboration

Before the headline act the events will have six times 10-15 minute open mic spots, but to keep things varied, there will be a limit of two of any type of performance in these spots. Priority will be given to performers that link to the season, month, week, day or time of the event in some way.
If you have an idea for a future headline act or would like to book a spot, email:

26th August

Seasonally Effected is back on the 26th August from 7:30pm. Join us for an evening of poetry, music, comedy and theatre at Cafe@172, Rochester High Street.

For those of you looking for a theme, the 26th is significant in a few ways. It’s the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Crecy, World Water Week, as well as Women’s Equality Day in the US. Michael Gove, Macauley Culkin and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha share a birthday. So if that doesn’t get you thinking about time travelling suffragettes, battling water spirits who take on the shape of unpopular politicians and celebrities then what does?

Email: to book a ten minute spot or join the Facebook event.



The April Conspiracies

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the ‘themed’ bit of Seasonally Effected. The theme has never been particularly strict, but can be a good jumping off point for anyone who wants one. Over the last year I haven’t mentioned it much, so I’ve decided to do a bit of research on something loosely inspired by date for each event and post it here in case anyone fancies using it. The general theme has always been the time of year or anything inspired by the date the event is happening. This could mean taking direct inspiration from a historic event or simply showcasing recently created work.

This month’s lazy, wikipedia based research led me to discover that April 29th is the 63rd birthday of well-respected conspiracy theorist, ex-goalie and Green Party activist David Icke. So as a birthday nod, it would seem only polite to delve into the murky world of the unknown, uncovering a few of the treacherous machinations of our secret overlords and generally getting lost in some of the internet’s finest rabbit holes.

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Has Bigfoot been caught stealing from your local Tesco or have you heard the CIA have plans to open up a Medway City Estate branch of Area 51? Are the lizardmen of the New World Order secretly controlling the weather with chemtrails, in their never ending battle to grow the largest marrows for the county fair? There seems to be some pretty good evidence to support Elvis’s retirement to the Norfolk Broads, but can we ever be sure? Who knows, perhaps the Dot Cafe was built on top of mystical lay lines, if you close your eyes long enough you can feel the vibrations, but that could just be Sandy cleaning out the coffee machine.

Join us on the 29th April from 7pm and share a few of your conspiracies. That is unless THEY find our first!

January 2014

Better late than never, here is the Seasonally Effected January Podcast, including performance from:

Barry Fentiman-Hall, Peter Emmet, Maria McCarthy, Bob Carling, Gordon Bryan, Sam Fentiman-Hall, Roy Smith and Padded Cell Poetry (Deke Dobson and Dylan Oscar Rowe) The evening also included films from James Crow and Chris Page and music from Gavin Alexander.

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Photography by Bill Gooch of Man in the Attic Photography

The February episode is coming, at some point and the next event is on the 26th March at the Dot Cafe. Anyone who would like to book a spot, should email me at:

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is enjoying 2014.  I’ve set a couple of dates for the next Seasonally Effected events: 29th January and 19th February, both will be 7-9pm at the Dot Cafe, High Street, Rochester.

In the spirit of the New Year and all that, why not try something completely different?   Perhaps poets do a painting, singer-song writers could perform some stand up, film makers experiment with flower arranging or storytellers sing us a song.

I’d also be really interested to hear from anyone with ideas for making the event even more fun and interactive than it already is.

Look forward to seeing to all soon, remember to book a 10 minute spot at:


Happy Christmas – two podcasts for the price of one! (free)


As a special Christmas present (and nothing at all to me not getting round to doing them earlier) here is a bumper edition of the Seasonally Effected Podcast with bits and pieces from both the November and December events.

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The podcasts feature, in no particular order:  Barry Fentiman, Clare Meyrick, Sarah Jenkin, Phil Kane, Deke Dobson, Dylan Oscar Rowe, Nigel Adams, Chris Page, Louise Micklewright, Bill Lewis, Sally Apokis, Simon Ellis, Malek Montag, Roy Smith and a play be Maggie Drury.   Photography by Nikki Price

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.  Seasonally Effected will be back at the end of January.  Date to follow.


28th August



This is the seventh Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 28th August 2013. This podcast features: Dylan Oscar Rowe, Roy Smith, Maria McCarthy, Matt Wils, Deke Dobson, Chris Page, Henry Powell and Nigel Adams.   The event also included a reading from ‘City without a head from Barry Fentiman, a short film by Mdhamiri Nkemi of Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society, interpretive dance from Sophie Wophie, music from The Flowing and a lot of technical difficulties for Roy Smith.


The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 25th September 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe.


If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

This is an email link: <a href=””></a>


31st July

Download here

This is the sixth Seasonally Effect Podcast. This event ran from Dot Cafe, Rochester High Street on the 31st July 2013. The podcast features: Deke Dobson, Malek Montag, Natasha Steer, Barry Fentiman, Clair Meyrick, Stuart Turner and Nick Rice. The event also included a presentation from Chris Page about his book ‘The Willows Daughter The River’s Son’, a short film by Mdhamiri Nkemi ‘We are Nature’ and performance pieces from Cancerous Farts and Henry Powell.

The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 28th August 7pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe – more detail available at:

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

The next event is on the 28th August at Dot Cafe from 7-9pm


29th May

This is the fourth Seasonally Effect Podcast.  This event ran from 161 Rochester High Street, due to unforeseen circumstances at the Dot Cafe on the 29th May 2013.




The sound is a little varied, but I had thought that it was all lost, making this the ‘lost podcast’

Featuring – Short films presented by Jan Nolan, Mdhamiri A Nkemi, Stuart Turner and Chris Berthoud, music from 3D and Gavin Alexander, poetry from Barry Fentiman and Roy Smith, plays from Sam Hall and Sarah Herhir and live art by Nigel Adams.

A boing sound indicates the playing of the short films, some of which are available at the below links:

Jan – On With The Show Official Skyfall coFWD Skyfall Richard de Soussa Silva

Stuart Turner – ‘The Making of the Landscape’ is available at:
Mdhamiri’s film cannot be shared at the moment due to competition rules.
Chris’s film about snails dancing the maypole ‘Mollusc Mayday’ is buried deep below the M2 in a lead lined box – still from this film and from the event are below:

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The next Seasonally Effected will be on the 26th June 630pm-9pm at the Dot Cafe – more detail available at:

Seasonally Effected will also be running a 1 hour slot the July Rochester Lit Fest Garden Party on the 14th July, which will be at the Good Intent in Rochester.  We also hope to be screening short films inside the pub. (this could include previously performed work)

If you would like to book a spot or submit a film for either event email me at:

First event – 27th February 7-9pm

photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc

photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc

Join or contribute to a new cultural open mic – The first event will be at the Dot Cafe in Rochester on 27th February 2013. Let us know your coming here:

Poetry, philosophy, music, short-stories, painting, plays, history, short-films, photography, stand-up comedy and anything else that I may have forgotten, are all welcome at Seasonally Effected.

Following the Short Encounter’s event last October, I thought it’d be fun to put together a much broader event. Seasonally Effected will give 5-10 minute slots to anyone who would like to respond to the theme. The theme being right now, February, the end of winter, early 2013 or anything related to it, however tangentially.

If you would like to book a slot, whether to sing a song, show and talk about a painting, read a poem, show a short film or make us laugh, then send me an email at:
book soon, as places are limited.

Please include a brief description of what you would like to do and how it relates to the theme, along with a short bio.

If your stuck for an idea, apparently the 27th is International Polar Bear Day.

(Please note that there will be limited technical equipment, so most performances will be unplugged – if let me know what sort of set up you need, I will try and accommodate as best I can)

photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc